Roger Vivier Miss V Bag

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 18, 2010

A classic bag to covet.

Roger Vivier is one of those brands that only a select few know about. Their bags are never logo-clad and carry with them a quiet elegance, recognizable to those with a trained eye for fashion and luxury bags.
The Miss V Bag is no exception. Dubbed the surprise “IT” bag of the season, those in the know are snapping up this purse. It’s simple details like the boxy shape, medium size and the logoless look that make the Miss V so attractive.

Fans of Roger Vivier, including actress Gwyneth Paltrow herself, will love this bag due to its timeless quality. Plus, it helps that this bag lets you in on an almost exclusive, secret club of true bag afficionados!

How Much?

  • Roger Vivier Miss V Bag ( black and gray)- HK$ 24,000
  • Roger Vivier Miss V Bag (black and white print)- HK$ 21,000

Where to Buy?

  • Roger Vivier, Ground Floor, 19-20, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong.
  • Tel: 2810 8690

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