Marc Jacobs Garbo Bags

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 26, 2010

Practical and quirky.

Marc Jacobs Garbo Mouse

Among all the bags Marc Jacobs has released for his Fall Winter 2010 collection, the one style that has caught our fancy is the Garbo bag – a mini collection featuring a few different variation of the same style.

Marc Jacobs Garbo Ava

The biggest, the Garbo Ava, is a large black no-nonsense tote with its only adornment being a cute gold lock on one side of the handle. Roomy straps allow this bag to be carried messenger style.

Marc Jacobs Garbo clutch

The Garbo clutch shows off a darling envelope silhouette in a rich brown color. The same gold lock adorns the front of the bag while 2 side zips make it easy to open and use.

Lastly, our favorite Garbo bag comes in a stormy mouse gray color and features a strap that can be slipped on the hand or on the shoulder. It seems like a modern interpretation of a granny bag and looks like those boxy bags that are so on trend as well. As with its fellow Garbos, this bag also has a padlock charm adorning the front and features a cute toggle looking keychain up-front.

How Much?

  • Marc Jacobs Garbo Ava- HK$ 14,900
  • Marc Jacobs Garbo Mouse- HK$11,900
  • Marc Jacobs Garbo clutch- HK$11,900

Where to Buy?

  • Shop 104, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2523 3324

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