Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier Fine Leathergoods Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 11, 2014

If there are two names that are synonymous with Cartier, it has to be Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier. Jeanne was the house’s inimitable Director of Fine Jewellery from 1933 whose bold style earned her the nickname The Panther (and later an icon for Cartier). She is also said to be the muse of Louis Cartier, one of the three brothers from the Cartier empire. Their styles and stories have long served as the inspiration for Cartier, including the latest Jeanne Toussaint and Louis Cartier Fine Leathergoods Collection that have been recently released. Focusing on Cartier classics, both collections exude the utmost luxury with sumptuous materials and refined details.

Cartier Jeanne Toussaint Bag - Tote - Construction

Jeanne Toussaint Tote Bag
Cream-coloured calfskin and beige crocodile skin, palladium-finish metallic parts and clasp adorned with a red obsidian.

The Jeanne Toussaint collection features a range of bags in classic, minimalist styles much like the namesake. Subtle colours like cream, beige, black and bordeaux take centre-stage with highlights like palladium-finish metallic parts, clasps and chains. In terms of craftsmanship, each bag is handcrafted and requires almost 150 operations including cutting of materials by hand.

Jeanne Toussaint (left) and Louis Cartier (right)

Jeanne Toussaint (left) and Louis Cartier (right)

The Louis Cartier collection also focuses on the same aspect of luxury. Its highlight is the 24 Hour Bag, a bag which  involves the same amount of operations as the Jeanne Toussaint collection. The bag uses up to 15 metres of thread for stictching and two skins of over five square metres to form its entire surface. The collection also features other accessories like document holders, briefcases, portfolio and messenger bag.

Louis Cartier Bag

Louis Cartier 24 Hour Bag
Caramel-coloured calfskin, ebony-coloured fabric lining, palladium-finish metallic parts

Louis Cartier Bag - close up

Where to buy?

For more details, you can contact the Cartier Contact Centre through the direct hotline at Tel: +852 8105 5008 (Mon – Sat, 10am to 8pm)

Photo credits: Cartier


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