Erbert Chong Leather Lingzi Bag

Erbert Chong Leather Lingzi Bag
By Roxanne  /  May 23, 2014

To Covet: Celebrated Hong Kong-based fashion designer Erbert Chong presents the statement “Lingzi” bag. The handbag is structured with geometric architectural elements and exudes a sense of undeniable luxury. Combining both modern and traditional design aesthetics, the resulting minimalist look makes for an appealing and versatile tote. The classic Lingzi bag is crafted with the finest Italian distressed croc leather, features state-of-the-art ionic gold plated hardware and is finished with durable Japanese YKK zipper openings. It is available in black, camel and beige.

The brand’s emblem, found within the detailing of each piece, uses the traditional Chinese character of Erbert’s surname Chong, and his English initial. The insignia symbolises the coexistence of traditional and modern elements, and celebrates the brand’s continuous rediscovery and reinvention of history.

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