Dominic Lau and Jamy Yang are TUMI’s New Global Citizens

Dominic Yau TUMI Global Citizen 2
By   /  June 9, 2014

TUMI launched their Global Citizens campaign with Hong Kong TV presenter, spokesmodel and jetsetter Dominic Lau, and Jamy Yang, an internationally recognised industrial designer from China.  The two selected their favourite pieces of TUMI luggage and went on their travel journey.  Jamy’s  TUMI luggage was a sleek, white, clever design which transformed it into a scooter.  Dominic’s choice incorporated all the elements he needs for travel – TUMI luggage, sign posts and his beloved motorbike.

At the event, we were able to see other TUMI trailblazers who took part in the TUMI campaign of documenting their year of travel with TUMI luggage and their TUMI travel diary.  Some of HK and Asia’s most prominent people in a variety of fields came together on this project and the end result was a wall of travel diaries full of each trailblazer’s travel journey.

Hong Kong Fashion Designer Barney Cheng; Hong Kong socialite, Charlotte Chen; Hong Kong-based Owner and CEO of LUXE CITY GUIDES, Simon Westcott; Hong Kong Designer Freeman Lau; Indonesia’s celebrity model and actor Mike Lewis; and Vietnam’s celebrity photographer and Judge of Vietnam’s Next Top Model Pham Hoai Nam were some that took part. Some of the diaries would be especially recognised by the fashion set such as photographer Jesper McGilroy, stylists Faye Tsui and Christie Simpson and bloggers JJ Acuna from the Wanderlister and Denise Lai from SUPERWOWOMG.

From Dominic Lau’s Global Citizens Video:

Dominic Yau TUMI Global Citizen 4

Dominic Yau TUMI Global Citizen 3

Dominic Yau TUMI Global Citizen 1

From  Jamy Yang’s Global Citizens Video:

Jamy Yang TUMI Global Citizen 1

Jamy Yang TUMI Global Citizen 2

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