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Florian London - Photographer: Judith Omoregie
By   /  June 13, 2014

British label, Florian London is a relatively new brand in the market, considering they have only launched two bag collections so far. Young and stylish British celebrities like Fearne Cotton, the girls from pop group The Saturdays have been spotted carrying their stylish bags and fashion editors for magazines such as Vogue, Hello and Glamour are starting to take notice.

Florian London basically makes brightly coloured crafted leather bags and we have eyes on the City Shopper in Sky Grey.  This bag fits the bill for our hunt for a stylish, functional leather bag which can carry a Mac laptop, various notebooks and pockets for various bits and bobs with a zipper ( I tend to drop things) and also at a price point thats within the HK$3000+ range,  this Florian London bag priced at £295, excluding the standard UPS shipping costs fits the bill and ship from London.

Service is quick, responsive and polite.  The bag itself is made out of beautiful dove grey leather and plenty of compartments for laptop and other necessities.  The quirky print inside makes it feel quintessentially British.

Butterboom managed to briefly speak to a spokesperson at Florian London, Ms Tola Adeago, who gave us a bit more background on the label –

Florian London City Shopper in Grey

Florian London City Shopper in Grey

How was Florian London founded?

It all started in 2011, when we set out to design the ideal collection of handbags, we wanted bags from the collection to be practical and functional but yet stylish and on-trend.  We wanted to combine sleek, utilitarian shapes and colourful palettes in an entirely new way with design inspiration from our love for British architecture.

It took us another year of research and study to create the first collection of Florian London Handbags.  We studied emerging lifestyle and fashion trends to bring our customers the most innovative and unique products that are practical and functional and of course at a reasonable and attainable price point.

Where did the name of your company come from?

It comes from the meaning – simply ‘flowering’ flowers are the finest individuals out of a number of people or things, and we aim to be just that

What are your design signatures?

Our English heritage is apparent in each bag design and detailing.  The lock on our handbags were inspired by ancient English castle gate, and instantly recognized as Florian London.  Precision, attention to detail, quality and simplicity are the keywords behind Florian London

Describe the Florian London Woman

A sophisticated woman who needs a bag that can fit both her wardrobe and lifestyle.  She is also strong, confident and stylish.

What do you think about Hong Kong girls in terms of their fashion sense?

Hong Kong women in our opinion are the fashion trend setter in Asia, they are very style-conscious and well dressed.  I love the fact that you would never catch a woman in Hong Kong wearing Pyjamas to the supermarket even if it is for a quick visit –  They are always appropriately dressed.

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