Coach Poppy Bag Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 19, 2009

Coach brings a little punk to usual preppy.


We’ve always loved Coach because of their great bags at affordable price points. Now, with the release of the Coach Poppy Bag collection, there’s another reason to love them more.

The Poppy collection is a fusion on preppy and punk. The shapes of the purses in this collection are pure prep and classic Coach. However, its the colors that bring a fresh and punky twist. They’re loud and bright, taking Coach to a whole different direction.

The Glam Patent Leather bags are for the girl who loves her some bling! To say that they’re bright and eye-catching is an understatement.(above)


The Bonnie Minnie Frame is a two-tone frame bag with a handy purse pocket in front. The combination of matte and patent leather is what makes this bag unique.


The Bonnie Mini totes are for the young, and young at heart. The many zips in front not only provide a touch of functionality, but provide a funky detail.

How much?
Glam Patent leather bag- HK$ 3120

Bonnie Mini Frame- HK$ 2330

Bonnie Mini tote- HK$ 2330

Where to buy?

  • Sun Plaza Corner Boutique 28 Canton Road                                                                                                                          TsimShaTsui, Tel. no. 85-223-026-600

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