Angelina Jolie for Louis Vuitton’s Core Values Campaign

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 1, 2011

Superstar shows off her six-year old Alto bag in Cambodia.

After months of speculation, Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton campaign is finally here – and is it any surprise that she looks stunning?

Shot barefoot, in her own clothes and on-location in her much-beloved Cambodia (from where she adopted son Maddox), Jolie is the latest ‘real person’ to feature in Louis Vuitton’s Core Values campaign. These feature personalities rather than models showcasing Vuitton classics in international locations (previous faces have included Sean Connery, Bono and Sofia Coppola.) The monogrammed Alto bag shown is Jolie’s own and is over six years old, showing just how durable and timeless an LV piece can be.

Pietro Beccari, Vuitton’s Executive Vice President, says that the image has captured a “real moment” of “a very special journey,” while photographer Annie Leibovitz claims she had to ‘shoo’ Jolie’s children out of shot! It is said that the actress has donated a significant amount of her (undisclosed) fee to charity, and a video interview of Jolie discussing Cambodia will follow later.

Meanwhile, although the Alto bag is no longer in production, Beccari is considering ‘re-editing’ it for sale.


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