Wear Your Music Charity Project Sells Guitar String Bracelets of Hong Kong Artists

By Lau  /  October 12, 2015

Wear Your Music is a charity project founded by Steve Bernstein and Hannah Garrison that started in the States. The company takes played guitar strings from famous musicians to create Artist Bracelet to sell and funds from each sale goes to the artists charity of choice. Each bracelet is designed as a golden bangle with a unisex appeal and comes in 3 sizes in red, green, silver and black.

Wear Your Music have been enormously successful in the USA where famous musicians like Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Eric Clapton have all donated guitar strings to make bracelets. The charity has raised over USD$500,000 so far and have recently lined up Hong Kong artists to participate in the project. Every week, a new participating artist donates their played guitar string and the charity has already lined up Ellen Lam, Chet Lam, Dear Jane and Supper Moment to selling their bracelets on the site. Hong Kong music lovers can now show their love and support the charities of their favourite artists by purchasing the bracelets at  www.wearyourmusic.hk


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