Kanchan Couture’s Charity Bracelets

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 17, 2012

Christmas gift ideas with a conscience.

Kanch established Kanchan Couture five years ago with the aim of creating vibrant and beautiful garments, jewellery and accessories. Since then she has combined her creativity and goodwill, having been appointed head of the Hong Kong branch of Indian based charity Atma. Dedicated to providing education to those who need it most, Atma works with children in India, where schooling is inaccessible to many.

Kanch has designed a capsule collection of four bracelets for the Christmas season that would make ideal gifts, at the same time helping a good cause; 50% of the proceeds go directly to Atma. The bracelets are individually hand strung and adorned with Swarovski elements, fun centre pieces and Masha Jade beads. Available in a variety of colours and with a universal sizing, these bracelets help say that you care this Christmas.

How much?

  • One bracelet HK$150.
  • Three bracelets of your choice HK$400.
  • 50% of the proceeds is donated to Atma.

Where to buy?





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