3D Printed Fashion By Shigo

By Lau  /  March 1, 2016

3D technology has become the Hot New Thing in fashion, with more fashion houses incorporating it into ready-to-wear collections. Hong Kong’s own Shigo label is jumping on the trend, fusing 3D technology with bright, bold prints.

The label’s design duo, Kiwib Wong and David Cheng, was approached by 3Doodler (the world’s first 3D-printing pen) to collaborate some time ago. The result? A dress created entirely from 3D printing. The piece was such a hit that it helped give Shigo serious international exposure, which resulted in their debut at last year’s LA Fashion Week. 


Shigo has applied 3D printing to their latest collections, but instead of printing an entire garment, they have used it to highlight finer details such as pocket flaps and buckles.The pieces pay homage to energetic urban cities like Hong Kong – we adore the vivid colours and the digital graphic prints of Chinese characters, pedestrian walks and newspaper prints. 
Shop online at www.s-h-i-g-o.com

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