Voya: Organic Seaweed Skincare Now In Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 2, 2010

Voya delivers the benefits of seaweed in its range of organic seaweed skincare range.

Family-owned Irish brand, Voya offer the world’s first truly certified organic seaweed-based skincare products and spa therapies.

All the way from Ireland, Voya’s organic seaweed-based products comes from a 300 year old seaweed bath tradition, where the natural and powerful algae plant is famous for its many health and beauty benefits.  Seaweeds are packed with easy-to-absorb proteins, mineral and lipids that purify and balances your body. Because of it health properties, seaweed has been used as an effective treatment for a host of skin problems.

Seaweed extracts contain an extremely high concentration of Algal polyphenols (proven to be strong antioxidants), mineral contents like Iodine (which regulate the body’s metabolism), Algnic acid (serve to elasticize the skin), and natural Amino Acids which help the skin to maintain its suppleness and works magic on on our skin.

Voya’s range seaweed skincare products taps on the natural goodness and qualities of seaweed and their seaweeds are hand-harvested sustainably from the pristine Northwest coast of Ireland and are certified organic by Soil Associations (UK) and USDA (US). No mineral oils, synthetic colours, fragrances or preservatives are used in Voya’s products.

What to buy?

Voya My Little Hero (left) is a concentrated anti-aging elixir that regenerates the skin. It contains a high concentration of seaweed extracts and organic essential oils including wheat germ, rosehip, ylang ylang and sweet almond.

Voya Lazy Days Seaweed Bath in a Box (right) contains dried fucus serratus seaweed packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and lipids. Soak the seaweed in a hot bath to rebalance your skin chemistry and the electrolytic magnetic action of the seaweed will release excess body fluids from congested cells and dissolve fatty wastes through the skin. This will help to replace depleted minerals, improve suppleness and aid the elasticity of the skin.

How much?

  • Voya My Little Hero costs HK$1080/30ml
  • Voya Lazy Days Seaweed Bath in a Box costs HK$389/500gm

How to buy?

Contact us at 8198 0611 or send us an email


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