Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 20, 2011

Keep your skin cool from premature aging.

Sulwhasoo is an esteemed Korean medicinal cosmetics brand that combines the benefits of both traditional Korean medicine and modern science in their products. The latest Renodigm Dual Care Cream makes history as a pioneer in herbal skincare technology for having the world’s first Thermal Protection Factor (TPF) measurement.

What this means is the product blocks heat energy which is found to be a tested cause in skin aging following decade-long research conducted with Seoul National University. This anti-heat aging skincare product has a patented formula containing 4 precious herbal ingredients that promise to regulate, reduce and stabilize your skin temperature, especially the cypress extracts gathered during winter. Other prized ingredients like the red ginseng saponin will also help to stimulate blood circulation and rejuvenate dull skin.

The dual care cream packs more punch in the bottle as it provides not just protection against heat but also harmful UV rays from the summer sun (it has an SPF and PA component as well.) We love the lightweight, smooth texture that glides on easily and also that it deeply moisturizes your skin without that sticky feeling that can happen with a lot of face creams.

How much?

  • Sulwhasoo Renodigm Dual Care Cream (TPF40, SPF30, PA++) – $1,050/ 40ml

Where to buy?

  • Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 3693 4189
  • Seibu, Pacific Place, Admiralty, Hong Kong. Tel: 2918 9959

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