Styling in Central: Interview with ‘The Strand’ Founder Beverley Cappleman

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 6, 2012

After shopping in Soho or IFC drop by The Strand.

We’ve introduced you to The Strand when it first opened last year and we’ve now gone back with our WTS columnist Elle Lee to talk to founder Beverley Cappleman about her 5-level Cochrane Street beauty/hair/style salon that is the must-go place along the Central escalator that caters to your every beauty need.

Beverley has been in Hong Kong for 21 years, relocated from England where she worked with L’Oreal and did lots of work in the competition field in the UK – on moving to HK she jumped right in and built a base of clients from across different industries from editorial styling to salon work.

The Strand came out of her many years in Hong Kong and building a strong group of customers that would follow her to a new place – Beverly took a while to find the right place but eventually found it on Cochrane Street in Central where it was originally just going to be 2 floors but once the ideas came into place it made sense to take all 4 floors and renovate it completely.

It’s closeness to Soho and IFC as well as right on top of the Central escalator make The Strand a bit of a landmark of and in itself. Beverley mostly works as Creative Director these days and her clientele includes young professionals, expat housewives and even father and son’s thanks to the Men’s floor that recently opened.

Beverley finds that hairstyles are mostly conservative in Hong Kong taking its lead in style from Japan with elegance and simplicity in the HK woman’s hair. She sees a trend in following Hollywood celebrities for new hair styles and she specifically points out the “ombre” look as being very popular now in Hong Kong:

Mink is one of Beverley’s new stylists in from Singapore – while she overlooks him and 4 other stylists on the hair salon floor – The Strand is a 1-stop beauty oasis as they will do everything from mani/pedi to foot massage to make-up to facials!

When we asked Beverley where her favorite places to shop were we were pleasantly surprised that she goes online to and loves the Soho boutiques like Polkadot Boutique. Very cool!

To see how The Strand styled up Elle – check out her last column where after getting styled she went over to the Isabel Marant shop and next week she’ll tell you WTS at Shanghai Tang:

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The Strand

  • 18 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong.
  • Tel: 2850 7686
  • Open: 9-8pm

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