SK-II Empowers Women In New Campaign

SK-II_Change Destiny Campaign_Butterboom
By Lau  /  April 29, 2016

Are you over 25 and single? Well, be glad you don’t live in China. They have a name for women who are over 25 and single there: ‘sheng nu’, which literally translates to ‘leftover women.’ The number of unmarried women on the Mainland has increased significantly over the last decade, and women are increasingly pressured by friends and family to get married before they turn 25.

Since 2007, the state media has been hammering the message that women will be lonely and miserable if they do not succeed in finding a husband before their mid 20s. Yes, it’s true. Fortunately, there are companies out there trying to fight these messages. 

Last year, SK-II launched #changedestiny, an ongoing global campaign to inspire and encourage women to live life on their own terms to raise awareness on this social stigma. At Butterboom HQ, we give SK-II a round of applause for taking a positive approach to addressing this controversial topic.

SK-II’s latest short film, titled Marriage Market Takeover shares touching stories of women who are under pressure to get married before 25 and the negative stigma that follows. As the film shows, Marriage Markets are common in Chinese cities where parents go to browse the profile of potential partners for their daughters. In this video, women are torn between meeting their society expectations at the same time to refuse to settle on anyone and grab hold of their destiny.

Get inspired by watching the video here and tell us what you think….


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