Get a Vitamin Boost at REVIV Wellness, Central

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 6, 2016

Need to bolster your energy levels? The new REVIV Wellness, Central clinic is the first in Asia, offering a host of treatments designed to rehydrate your body and power-up your energy. 

Founded by four Accident and Emergency doctors with over 40 years experience in treating dehydration and restoring energy levels, REVIV offers its clients a real feeling of wellness through prescribed Booster Shots and IV Treatments. The flagship clinic in Central offers two medical grade treatment/consultation rooms where you get your mandatory medical checks and intravenous (IV) infusion before you move on to the main clinic for your complete REVIV experience. 

How it works:
IV is actually the most effective way to deliver vitamins to your body as your body only absorbs 50 percent of vitamins when taken orally. To find out your vitamin needs at REVIV, a practitioner will consult with you before recommending the right treatment for your needs and lifestyles. Treatments are being delivered by board-certified physicians and doctors, registered nurses and trained paramedics. There are five different IV Treatments to suit every lifestyle, from those who are physically active in sports to someone looking for a reliable anti-ageing solution. Meanwhile, you can pick from four Booster Shots, each one containing the specific vitamin and nutrients you need for better health both in and out. 

The result:
The effect of having 100 percent absorption of vitamins? Instant energy and improved alertness. Your skin, hair and nails will even appear more radiant and healthy. Hello, natural glow!

Where to go:
REVIV Wellness, Central
Suite 2202, 1 Duddell Street
Tel: 2530 9882





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