New Rodial Cougar Skin Range

Rodial Cougar Skin Zero Gravity
By Butterboom Writers  /  April 22, 2014

The new Rodial Cougar Skin Range can ease one of the most common concerns for those who pursue beauty — the ageing process. Oily and sagging skin, wrinkles, age spots and being more prone to sun damage are amongst the undesirable evidence of time. The Rodial Cougar Skin Range works to prevent and combat all these symptoms and helps you attain a replenished and even complexion.

Butterboom pick…

Rodial Cougar Skin Zero Gravity Cream

Rodial Cougar Skin Zero Gravity Cream

This face moisturizer helps rejuvenate and preserve the mature skin. Chromabright works to smooth wrinkles and regulate shine while hydrating the skin. This moisturizer is essential for menopausal skin as it reduces breakouts, a common issue for women going through menopause.

How much?

Rodial Cougar Skin Zero Gravity Cream costs HK$1,400 / 50ml

Where to buy?

Available at Joyce Beauty stores

  • G/F, New World Tower, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2810 1120

Photo credits: Rodial


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