Nails Inc Launches Spray Paint Polish

By Lau  /  February 22, 2016

If you love nail products, then you’ll be excited to know that London based Nail Inc have launched Paint Can Nail Polish, a spray on nail polish. Its created from a freaking cool formula that allows you to spray polish on for a quick manicure. 

How does it work?
Paint a base coat for the polish to stick to and you’re ready to spray paint. Wait 5 minutes for the paint to dry (it dries faster than your average bottle of polish so we don’t need fancy nail dryers for perfect nails) and then apply a top coat to set the polish. Finally, wash the rest of the paint on your hands with hot soapy water and you will see that the nail colours stays and the rest of the paint on your hands are washed away. As it gets really messy, make sure you cover the surface with a paper where you’ll be spraying paint.

How much?



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