M.A.C. Naked Honey Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 26, 2009

Add a little honey and spice to your cosmetic collection.


Some of the greatest women in history have always used honey as the secret ingredient for their beauty. Cleopatra was famed for her honey baths and Queen Anne for her honey “shampoos”. M.A.C. has taken a cue from these women and have released the Naked Honey Collection.

This limited edition features 2 delightfully different honeycomb-inspired scents. A whole range of cosmetics have also been created with the use of this age-old ingredient.Colors, as expected, take on the inspiration is hues or rich ambers and golds.

The Naked Honey Collection will be available in all M.A.C counters in Hong Kong starting July 2, 2009.

We’re abuzz over:

Queen Bee Lipglass– a mid-tone apricot shade with a multi-dimensional pearl


Buckwheat Eye Shadow– a functional dark copper brown with multi-dimensional pearl


AfricanMal– an interesting honey-inspired scents that incorporates pepper for a little spice.

How much?

  • Queen Bee LipglassHK$ 125
  • Buckwheat Eye ShadowHK$ 130
  • Creations: AfricanMalHK$ 200


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