Kanebo Blanchir Superior Whitening Series

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 3, 2011

A new and improved series with a cutting-edge whitening ingredient.

Here’s a whole lot of something to feed your obsession with whitening products. The new Kanebo Blanchir Superior is an improved whitening series that’s infused with the cutting-edge whitening ingredient Rhododenol, while still retaining the oriental botanical extracts used in the original series that makes it so great.

The addition of Rhododenol prevents dark spots and freckles from forming, keeps skin fresh, moist and translucent and also ups your skin’s resistance against repeated UV damage. Another active brightening ingredient called Magnolignan controls melanin production so you get added defense against the sun’s rays. It’s pretty much a total package as the brand’s got all your whitening needs covered, day and night, with its wide range of products, including conditioners, cleansers and masks.

Kanebo Blanchir Superior debuts 1 May.

How much?

  • White Deep Clear Conditioner – HK$310/170ml
  • White Deep Milky Conditioner – HK$360/100ml
  • White Deep Night Conditioner – HK$420/45g
  • White Deep Mask – HK$280/6pcs
  • White Deep UV Day Protector – HK$280/60ml
  • Cream Cleansing – HK$260/125g
  • Oil Cleansing – HK$260/150ml
  • Cream Soap – HK$260/125g

Where to buy?

  • Sogo Department Store, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

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