Joyce Beauty Releases Six Scents Series Two

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 30, 2009

6 new designer fragrances from Joyce Beauty.


After the success of the first Six Scents fragrances,  Joyce Beauty has decided to launch the Six Scents fragrances for the second time. Six Scents Series Two is a collaboration between the beauty company and 6 designers, in particular Phillip Lim, Henry Holland, Damir Doma, Henrik Vibskov, Richard Nicoll, and Toga.

The designers were tasked to create a fragrance on the theme of nature and to express the beauty of nature through scent, stories, films, art pieces, photos. The purpose of which is to inspire others to  preserve our environment.

Designed as a limited edition collectors items, only 2000 bottles of each fragrance will go on sale. Every bottle will be numbered and signed by the designer who create it. It come with a DVD of Marco Brambill’s short films depicting each designer’s interpretation of the scent.

With part of the sales proceeds going to Pro-Natura, in support of their environmental sustainability programs, you’re not only getting a collectors fragrance, you’ll  be supporting a worthy cause.

How much?

50ml EDT at HK$900 per bottle

Where to Buy?

  • G106, Gateway Arcade, Harbour City, Tsim Shat Tsui. Tel: 2367 0860

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