Interview with Stylist John Mouzakis @ QG Private-i Salon at Four Seasons Hotel

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 3, 2012

After all that shopping, we’ve found your man to style your hair.

We dropped by the QG Private i Salon at Four Seasons Hotel to visit new stylist John R. Mouzakis to talk about styling in Hong Kong and to get our new columnist Elle Lee a new hair style for the day.

John is originally from Detroit by way of Chicago and studied with Paul Mitchell as well as teaching there and at Sassoon. He’s 5-weeks into a new stint at the Private i Salon at the Four Seasons which is up on Podium Level 6.

Let’s see what John thinks about Hong Kong and what he can do with Elle’s hair.

John originally just stopped by Hong Kong for 2 hours back in 2005 and in that time he fell in love with the city enough to finally make it back in the later part of 2010.

In his time here he’s definitely noticed that styling is much more important here in HK than in the US and the local skill level is much higher because the education level is so high as well.

While John does a lot of haircuts for CEO-level men that come in from ifc, he is getting a lot of women as well who come in after shopping at the ifc Mall. IF you’ve been to the Private i Salon in The Four Seasons you will definitely feel relaxed as the environment is much more relaxed with its gorgeous view of the ferry pier overlooking the harbor.

Some of his Summer ideas include: Keep it natural. Natural texture. Dry it 80 percent and let it dry naturally. Don’t touch it too much. To keep hair styles simple.

For women keeping it long this summer – hot thing John see’s is the head scarf look as being big this summer. A little messy. Wrap it around. Very big here in Asia and big in Europe.

If you’re dying your hair look to doing warm tones for hair color.

We’re definitely of the mind that coming to see John at the QG Private i Salon is a great place to come to do your hair after shopping at ifc mall, for a big event or ball and parties – but remember this is one of the biggest salons in Hong Kong and if you want to book John you’ll have to look at doing it about a week ahead of time. He’s there everyday except Monday’s.

Looks like he did a good job for Elle – we’ll see her in action in her own column on Monday.

Thanks for your time John! If you need a great stylist you can book him via the salon details below:

QG Private i Salon


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