Q&A with Rainbow Tai of Xtreme Lashes

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By Lau  /  April 20, 2016

Career changes are part and parcel of life these days, but rarely does one hear of a nurse deciding to move into the world of beauty. Jo Mousselli set up US-based Xtreme Lashes in 2006, with an aim to provide semi-permanent falsies to the masses that are both medically approved and completely safe (using a medically approved glue that’s easy on the eyes). 

With celebrities like J-Lo going gaga-eyed for these lashes, it was only a matter of time before the brand headed our way. Xtreme Lashes has finally opened a studio in the heart of Central, headed up by lash addict Rainbow Tai (who, interestingly enough, decided to quit her day job as a toy developer to train under Jo Mousselli).

We sat down with Tai to talk lash care, career paths and her own beauty rituals. 


What’s different about Xtreme Lashes?
Our customers chose the style of lashes and we develop the products for them and in addition, we provide support and advice for customers to take care of their lashes. Everyone at Xtreme Lashes are trained lash stylists and we send our customers portfolio’s to the U.S on a regular basis to ensure standards are the same worldwide.

Xtreme Lashes uses semi-permanent eye lashes extensions that are single or multiple strands of lashes applied to each single natural eyelash, and we do our fanning and separation every 15 minutes for perfect framing. We also use adhesive to stick the lashes on, which is medically approved and produced in a FDA approved facilities so our products are safe to.

Why did you decide to open an eyelash franchise as opposed to doing something you trained in (engineering)? 

I fell in love with eye-lash extensions and I feel it is a rising industry. Also, there a few good places to get your lashes done [here] in comparison to the U.S and European cities. Xtreme Lashes’s founder is a registered nurse and I love her passion for it. I met her in the States and after understanding the products and services more, I’m confident Hong Kong will love this as everything is desiged at high standard.

I come from a  manufacturing and engineering background, I love the way products are developed, the care about the customers since the industry currently has no strict regulation of the safety aspects on eye-lash extensions.

What is a day typically like for you?
I go to yoga or the gym every morning and afterwards, I check my emails which easily gets me to the afternoon. In the afternoon, I mainly focus on operations of salon. 

What should we be doing to take care of our lashes?
I usually use lash cleanser to clean my eyes and lashes every day, and that’s it. 


Any interesting facts about eye lashes we’d want to know about?

  • A person usually loses 1-5 natural lashes per day.
  •  You lose an eyelash extension every time a natural eye-lash sheds as part of your natural lash cycle, which is every 4-6 weeks on average.
  • Your lash extension shouldn’t fall off unless it’s a natural lash shed if you use a good products and well-trained, certified stylists.

Where do you go to get groomed? 
I do my regular laser facial treatment once every two months and a normal facial at Touch Up in Kowloon Tong once a month.

What is your holistic beauty regime?
I use DIY beauty products made by my sister, which include cleanser, toner, and eye and face serum. She orders raw material from France and the UK. I love using rose oil-based serum and I do feel much better as I know exactly where the ingredients are coming from.


Best piece of business advice you have? 
Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning

Top three musts to launch a successful retail business in Hong Kong: 

  • Capital
  • Know-how with passion to what you are doing
  • A good team

Top five qualities you look for when hiring?

  • Attitudes
  • Motivation
  • Passionate
  • Punctual
  • Responsible

Xtreme lashes_2_butterboom


The price: 
One full session including refill costs HKD$1,388

Where to get them:
3/F, 68-70 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: 3708 8961



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