How To Get The Haircut you Really Want

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By Butterboom Writers  /  March 16, 2015

Getting the haircut you really want can be tricky. First you have you find the right hairdresser for you and then you have to be able to communicate what you want. A haircut is a high stake affair, think about how fast your hair grows.. a couple of months before you can fix the haircut. We have some tips on how to make sure you do your best to ensure you get the perfect cut everytime.

1. Bring lots of pictures

Make the most of the consultation time during your hair appointment. Talk to your stylist about the haircut you want and show him/her visually to minimize miscommunication. Photos really help to show your stylist exactly what you want to achieve. Bring photos of front, side and back of the hair cut you want and if you are doing colours, it is a must to bring photos of the people with the hair colour and style you want. 

2. Know your hair type and get real about what can be achieved

Your hair texture, colour and face shape will determine what looks good on you. So when you are searching for haircuts in fashion magazines, look for celebrities that have the same face shape as you. Then ask your stylist to tell you if you can achieve that look with what you have. If you don’t have a lot of hair, don’t expect to look good with a cut that needs volume unless you are prepared to blowdry regularly, your stylist will be able to tell you what will work on you.

3. Set boundaries
Be vocal about what you will not accept from the beginning. Something like not cutting hair below your shoulder or your hair parting must always be on the side because you know that is your best look must be communicated clearly to hair stylist. It gives them a clear idea of your boundaries and an idea of what they can work with.

4. Physically show your stylist the length you want

 To avoid any surprises, physically show your stylist where you want your hair to land post-cut, not after washing or blowdrying but as you walk in the salon. Everyone have their own ideas of what is long, short or shoulder length so you can’t go wrong by pointing at where you want your hair length to be.

5. Be loyal to your hair stylist
 Once you find a stylist that understands both your hair and have chemistry with, understands and deliver what you want, stay with them. Nobody wants to go through the dating process of finding a hair stylist that gets you all the time. 

Photo taken at DAZ Hong Kong


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