Guerlain Fragrance Workshop at Boutique Blvd in The Landmark

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 19, 2009

Fragrance Creative Director Sylvaine Delacourte took stage last Saturday.


Guerlain’s Fragrance Creative Director, Sylvaine Delacourte was in town to run a fragrance workshop at part of the Art De Vivre Expert Workshops held at the Landmark Mandarin.

Madame Delacourte’s workshop was an interesting and informative introductory to pefume and Guerlain’s impressive range of famous scent from the 1st perfum ever created in 1889-Jinky to a phelentor of Guerlain’s best sellers like Shalimar, Angelique Noir, Chypre Fatal,  Cuir Beluga, Eau de Lit.

Topics covered included perfume terminology, how a perfume is developed from an idea into a meticulous arrangement of raw material to create a harmony of scent and a sampling of a wide variety of scent from raw materials as well as Guerlain’s creations.

Check out our exclusive Q&A session with Madame Delacourte below.


Butterboom: What are your favourite perfumes?

Syvaine Delacourte: Heure Beue and Cuir Beluga.  They talk about my life, it reminds me of my favourite memories and what I like very much.. like vanilla powdery notes.

Butterboom:What do you consider the most alluring/seductive scent?

Sylvaine Delacourte: its varies across different cultures. Vanilla in very popular in France, it is associated with positive smell, smell of vanilla in cakes and candies from a very young age. Perfume smells differently on everyone as it is the alchemy of the scent against your skin that determines how it smells on you.

Perfume that contains white flower ingredients such as jasmine,  ylang, ylang, tuberose are very attractive especially to the opposite sex as it is a known fact that white flower contains the molecule – indole which occurs in all animal scent.

Butterboom: Are there any particular fragrance that people do not find appealing?

Syvlaine Delacourte: There are no rules!  however most people reject perfumes that has a strong overdose of marine or animal notes. However it could turn out to be appealing to some people at the same time.

Butterboom: How does one judge the quality of a perfume? Are all perfume created equally?

A great perfume have to create a emotion, its top note should be pleasing and give you an idea of what it will become, it has long lasting notes, a beautiful trail and it smells great on your skin. The perfume should have character, like an orchestra of notes that unveils itself into an unforgettable scent. The most important qualities of a perfume is that is is unforgettable, identifiable and shows character.


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