Foundation For Hong Kong’s Humid Summer Days

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 28, 2009

Best foundations to wear for Summer?


As Hong Kong’s weather is especially humid during Summer, when selecting a suitable foundation, the most important factor to consider is skin type. After that, its important to consider the weather conditions and select products based on what it can do for your skin.

If you have normal skin, the general rule is powder foundations are better for summer as skin tends to sweat and light weight powder foundation soak up the oil/sweat on the skin and rid your face of shine giving you a fresh look throughout the day. Also, choose foundation that contains SPF for protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

We asked Morgan Tan, General Merchandise Manager of Cosmetic from Lane Crawford for her tips on selecting foundation based on skin type:


“For those with oily skin, choose foundation that is oil-free and control skin shine. Foundation that contains matte or powder finish looks good on oily skin. For those who have dry skin, look for foundation that has moisturizer in it.  People with dry skin have better results with a creamy foundation rather than a matte or powder finish foundation as it can appear cakey on dry skin.”

Her pick for best Summer foundations are:

  • Becca’s Stick Foundation SPF 30+ for maximum sun protection and long lasting wear. This foundation contains antioxidant vitamins A, D and E which also helps to increase collagen renewal and moisturize the skin.
  • La Mer’s Treatment Powder Foundation SPF 15 from the Skincolour Collection is infused with gemstone particles, allowing skin to capture light and smooth away imperfections.

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