Floating Away your Stress at Float On, Hong Kong

By Lau  /  January 5, 2016

Float On is Hong Kong’s first first sensory deprivation centre that recently opened up in Hong Kong in 2015. Founded by husband and wife duo Dee Cheung and Ciaran Hussey with the aim of providing a destressing  solution for those living in Hong KOng’s concrete jungle. At Float On, you float in individual Dream Pods, which are tanks that are filled with epsom salt and magnesium mixed in 34 degree water to give your body the full floating experience. The result of floating weightlessly allows your mind calms down, decreases your stress level and relieves any pain you may be carrying on your body.  

Each float room is equipped with its own shower and a DreamPod as you have to shower before entering the pods. You can keep the lights on or off in a closed or opened DreamPod and the session lasts for 45, 60 or 90 minutes.  Each session starts and ends with relaxing music to indicate when the session has started and ended. 

How much?
Introductory Float Packs start from  $1350 for 3 floats (60 minutes)

Basement (Door Beside 7-11), 89 Caine Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong. Tel:2548 2844 www.floatonhk.com



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