Float Yourself to Better Health at Float On

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 4, 2016

Since opening its doors in 2015, Float On Hong Kong is Hong Kong’s first Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (R.E.S.T) centre where Hong Kongers can experience the physical and mental benefits to Floatation Therapy. The floating session boast a lot of health benefits like faster recovery when you are training and pushing your body physically. Floating causes an increases of endorphins and the epsom salts reduce lactic acid build up, and the total relaxation allows for better blood circulation and muscle growth.

There’s loads of other benefits for those who are stressed, don’t sleep well or are pregnant. When the body is relaxed and floating, it encourages magnesium absorption which has many positive effects on the body like reducing blood pressure, improve sleep quality and alleviate stress. The other great thing about floating is that it relaxes you to a deep state that your mind when relaxed functions better, is able to focus better, retain information and problem solve more effectively.

Float on is located on Caine Road in Midlevels near Welcome supermarket. The centre is on the basement level and holds four dream pods for the therapy session. Each pod is filled with 500kg of Epsom Salt, which is said to create a buoyancy that holds your body on the surface so that your joints and muscles become free from gravity. Once in the pod, your body becomes weightless and you instantly start to enter a relaxed state. You can also plug in your meditation or soothing music to help you relax even further.

The price: 
Prices start at HK$1,350 for three float therapy sessions (60 minutes). Sign up as a member and enjoy a a single 60-minute float for HK$550 a month. 

The details:
Basement, 89 Caine Road, Mid Levels, Central Hong Kong.
Tel: 2548 2844


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