Calvin Klein Too Sexy for TV

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 5, 2008

We have an ‘obsession’ with the new Eva Mendes TV commercial too!

evamendes.jpgWe brought you the news last week about Eva Mendes‘ new ad campaign for Calvin Klein Underwear, well she’s at it again, this time with the TVC for the Calvin Klein Obsession fragrance.

This kind of publicity seems like a typical marketing trap for the TV stations to walk right into. This kind of “banned” ad only helps Calvin Klein, as they are seen as being “risky and sexy” and appealing to their client base of “risky and sexy” women. The ad is nothing special, but having it banned allows their product to stand above all the other similar ones out there, and having blogs like ours spread the word without them having to lift a finger. Very clever Mr. Klein, very clever indeed!

Read more about it here, but you can watch it below, just make sure the guys are not around you when you do!


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