Chanel’s New Anti-Ageing Solutions: Le Lift

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By Butterboom Writers  /  September 5, 2014

First introduced in 2013, CHANEL’s Le Lift range tackles ageing skin by reprogramming the skin’s mechanism that boosts youthfulness. The anti-ageing range has just been expanded to include two new products: Le Lift Sérum and Le Lift Crème Yeux. Just like the other products in the range, these two new additions – an intensive serum and an eye cream – work by addressing damage caused by the environment, stress and lifestyle, targeting two youth proteins that naturally exist in skin to prevent accelerated ageing.

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Le Lift Sérum
This anti-ageing serum encourages the development of the skin’s fibroblasts, which are cells responsible for preserving the skin’s youthful appearance. Its star ingredient is Resveratrol-12, a molecule patented by CHANEL that stimulates cell restoration with its antioxidant benefits to improve overall skin texture. This part-gel, part-cream serum is used on the face and neck before applying Le Lift Crème for skin to become toned, firm and smooth.

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Le Lift Crème Yeux
Nobody wants lines around the eyes, which is why an eye cream like this can come in handy. Like other products in the range, this eye cream contains 3.5-DA, CHANEL’s exclusive anti-ageing ingredient. When applied on the delicate skin around the eye, it helps to lift and firm up the eyelids so that eyes appear more wide open. The eye cream also works on dark circles with its yeast extract that stimulates micro-circulation. Meanwhile, a unique complex works to protect blood vessels to reduce the appearance of puffiness. Apply both morning and night.

The other two products in this range are Le Lift Crème and Le Lift Crème Riche, two creams that have creamy melt-away and velvety-rich textures for women’s various needs.

How Much?

  • Le Lift Sérum, HK$1,190
  • Le Lift Crème Yeux, HK$730

Where to buy?

  • Available at all CHANEL Beauté
  • Customer Enquiry: 2810 1083

Photo credits: CHANEL


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