Shopping Guide: Top 5 Self-Tans To Get This Summer

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By Butterboom Writers  /  July 22, 2011

Get summer-ready with these fake bakes! Now that we’re all aware of the dangers of UV rays, a fake tan is probably the safest and most convenient way of getting a sun-kissed look. Similarly, with Hong Kong’s temperamental stormy weather, it’s the most sure-fire way to guarantee a tan this summer! Fake tans no longer mean a radioactive orange sheen; these days, it’s all about a natural build-able golden glow, with no worries about burning up under the sun. Exfoliate before use to ensure a smooth even tan, and always wash your hands and avoid dressing (and clean bedsheets!) immediately afterwards to prevent stains. Here’s our roundup of the best self-tanners – so now there’s no excuse to not get your glow on!

Payot Bénéfice Soleil self tan - butterboom

Payot Benefice Soleil Anti-Ageing Self-Tanning Milk, HK$256 This milky lotion rubs in to give a subtle glow after a few hours and contains sunflower extract to protect against free radicals and soothe and repair skin. The result is a lightly-tanned look, although a trademark fake tan biscuit-y smell is very noticeable.

  • Where to buy? Sasa, 72-74 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, 2895 6112

Clarins Gelée Auto-bronzante Self-tan - Butterboom

Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel, HK$230 A hugely-popular self-tanner, this lightweight non-oily gel has a lovely bronze shimmer, thanks to a mixture of cocoa extract and caramel mirco-pearls. Applying smoothly and absorbing easily, results are visible after two hours and, used daily, it creates a natural golden colour. It contains Vitamin E to protect skin and moisturising Aloe Vera, with only a slight odour.

  • Where to buy? Lane Crawford, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, 2118 3638


Melvita self-tan - butterboom

Melvita Prosun Tanning Preparation Milk, HK$280 Great for those who prefer organic ingredients, this creamy milk includes softening Safflower and Coconut oils with Burriti oil to prevent dehydration, although it absorbs slowly and has a strong fake tan scent. An extremely light colour that builds subtly so, for stronger results, use before sun exposure.

  • Where to buy? Melvita, B237, B2, Times Square, 1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, 2506 0322

Clinique Self-Sun Body Tinted Lotion, self tan, butterboomClinique Self-Sun Body Tinted Lotion, HK$200 A scarily-dark brown gel that rubs in easily, this develops into a light tan over a few hours and, used daily, builds to a stronger sun-baked look. (The tint is deliberate, so you don’t double-coat areas.) Oil-free, dermalogist-tested and only lightly-scented.

  • Where to buy? Clinique, Shop C35, Concourse Level, Millenium City 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon

Institut Esthederm Sun Sheen Light Self-Tanning Body Lotion - butterboom

Institut Esthederm Sun Sheen Light Self-Tanning Body Lotion, HK$392 Beautifully-light jelly that absorbs super-easily and is ideal for sensitive skin. Enriched with anti-free radical and hydrating ingredients, this produces a natural golden glow perfect for fair complexions. No scent and no stains! A great pick for novice self-tanners. Where to buy? Sasa, 72-74 Percival Street, Causeway Bay, 2895 6112


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