Fitness Boot Camps in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 11, 2013

Shake up your routine with these high-intensity fitness boot camps in Hong Kong. The idea of fitness boot camps isn’t new but lately, it is catching on fast over here with various fitness outfits bringing their own brand of boot camps to the table. Unlike working out in a gym, which may be a solitary pursuit, these boot camps take your workouts to the great outdoors where you do military-style circuit training with other like-minded comrades at beaches, gardens or trails.

Sure, boot camps are hard work. You’d be pushed beyond your comfort zone, sweating your guts out as you exercise in short bursts, also known as high-intensity interval training. Though it’s not a walk in the park, joining a boot camp has its rewards.  1) You’d be constantly burning fat and burning it fast since you’re almost always on the move. 2) The camaraderie of group training helps you to stay focused, motivated and more disciplined so than when you’re on your own. 3) Usually, no two sessions are the same so you’d never get bored. 4) It’s way cheaper than regular personal training but still gives you the individual attention even in a class setting.

So what are you waiting for? Say goodbye to that muffin top and flab by signing up for one of these boot camps! 



What: Circuit25 runs their 50-minute boot camps based on a 25-minute workout method, that’s further broken down to 25 second intervals. It’s all very intense and fast as you go from one short burst of exercise to another. The first part focuses on strength and resistant exercises, and the latter part on cardio, core and cool down. You’d be using walls, benches, steps and even roadside barriers for things like stair sprints and push-ups.

When and where: Sessions are held at various locations on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon every day in the mornings and evenings.

Rates: HK$200/1 session; also available are group packages of 4, 10, or 50 sessions with a 12-month validity e.g. HK$5,000/50 sessions. New members can sign up for a free trial.


Bikini Fit

What: This is a ladies-only fitness programme to get you beach ready. The typical programme lasts ten weeks, and gives you access to six boot camp sessions a week. Each session lasts 50 minutes and workouts vary from power ropes, yoga and boxing to TRX suspension training. They also go one step further to provide fortnightly health and nutrition workshops, detailed eating plans and 24/7 support via a private Facebook community.

When and where: Monday to Friday sessions are held at Hong Kong Park (7-7.45am) while Saturday sessions happen at various locations like the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park in Sheung Wan, The Peak and Central Ferry Piers.

Rates: HK$695 per week, for the duration of each programme where programmes range from 4 -10 weeks. To find out more about the next upcoming programme, email them at

original bootcamp

Original Bootcamp Hong Kong

What: The Malaysia-based outdoor fitness company runs military-styled training sessions (you’d be treated like a “recruit”, working as a team with others and required to wear the same T-shirt that’s given to everyone). The pprogramme covers 12 sessions over 4 weeks and is structured around CrossFit and kettlebell training, coupled with bodyweight drill progressions. Training tools include tyres, ropes and sandbags.

When and where: Upcoming programmes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (8pm-9pm) at Victoria Park.

Rates: HK$1,300/introductory price for a 4-week programme (usual price, HK$1,980)

apefit hong kong


What: Set up by head trainer, Linds Russell, the 60-minute ApeFit class trains you quite literally like an animal. What that means is you’d be doing a lot of animal-like movements (think bear crawls, duck walks, kangaroo jumps and gorilla squats) to warm up and cool down before and after a full-body cardio, strength and core workout. This builds up your agility, balance and endurance. Expect partnered exercises like plank claps too.

When and where: Locations include Central, Victoria Park, Pok Fu Lam, Repulse Bay and Clearwater Bay in the mornings and evenings.

Rates: HK$150/1 session; 6-month validity packages range from HK$700/5 sessions to HK$5,000/50 sessions; first session is free


LGN Fitness

What: LGN stands for Look Good Naked and is led by TRX Senior Master Trainer Adrian Li. Each 55-minute outdoor session is a total body workout that burns calories and builds muscle mass. It incorporates body conditioning and strength and resistance training exercises like TRX suspension training and ViPR (where you lift and swing a huge rubber tube) and also includes a 20-minute cardio component like running and stair sprints.

When and where: Kwong Hon Terrace Garden on Aberdeen St, Soho, Tuesdays 6.30am and Saturdays 8.30am.

Rates: HK$250/per class. Call them at 6683 2632 to find out more about the 6-week group weight loss programme starting on 16 September.


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