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By   /  January 17, 2014

Exfoliating is key to beautiful smooth skin. It is the process of scrubbing away dead skin cells from the skin surface to reveal a younger fresher skin. To get more scientific, in dermatology studies, healthy functioning skin tends to have about 30% dead cells on the surface, whereas an unhealthy skin have about 60%.

There are many skincare scrubs and powder out there that promises to slog away the dead skin to get that healthy smooth glowing skin and  many of these products contain some combination of ingredients like granulated pumice,  acids, fruit seed, salt and lots of other which all serve to loosen and slough off dead skin cells. To help you find the best exfoliator out there you need to know which ingredients to look out for, the ones that are really going to be effective. So we want to focus on the 3 acids which are the most effective in the market.

The top 3 key ingredients that effectively exfoliate are –

  1. Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA). The most effective and most researched forms of AHA are known as glycolic, lactic and malic acid. They effectively loosen up dead skin cells by breaking down what binds the dead skin cells to the surface, therefore preventing the skin from thickening and causing breakouts. They will also reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage to an extent but more so even out the complexion with regular use.
  2. Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA) is very good for treating congestion and breakouts as it loosens dead skin and reduces the thickness of the buildup. It also has anti bacterial/ microbial function and has been known to stimulate collagen.  It must be used in very low concentrations and know how to judge the appropriate for your skin. Not all skin is the same.
  3. Bromelain is an acid that is derived from pineapples. It  has an enzymatic effect which loosens dead skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


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