Beauty Regime: Winona Tan, founder of WANT Skincare

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By Butterboom Writers  /  December 7, 2016

Winona Tan is the founder of WANT skincare. A Singaporean, Winona is currently shuttling between Hong Kong and Singapore for the last 2 years while she develops WANT Skincare. Spontaneous and free spirited, she loves all things delicious and beautifully made. She shares her beauty regime with us.  

How do you usually spend your day?  
I am normally indoor in the morning. I will catch up on emails, social media, read and research on skincare ingredients. The air-conditioner is something I am not a big fan of as I have dry skin and it really sucks the moisture out of my skin. When I’m in Singapore, all my windows are open and the fan will be circulating, unless it is a really hot day then I’m forced to turn on the AC. When the weather is nice, I’ll grab a friend and head out for lunch. In the evening, I’m either out for drinks or cooking a meal for my boyfriend.    

What is your morning beauty regime? 
I keep it simple with my skincare routine. I use WANT honey cleanser to awake my skin, follow by WANT facial spritzer as a toner and moisturise with 3 drops of WANT face oil. Lastly, I slap on Super goop SPF50 sunscreen.

Night time beauty regime? 
I remove the grime and make up on my face with WANT skincare honey cleanser. I double cleanse with it as it is a gentle cleanser. Then I follow up with WANT facial spritzer as a toner. Then I used 5 drops of WANT face oil all over my face and neck as a moisturizer and overnight mask. This leaves my skin super soft and supple the next morning. 

What are your weekly/ monthly beauty regime?
Once a week, I will exfoliate with WANT ginger clay scrub and mask prior to toning. I actually do a mask twice a week.  The second mask is with a moisturizing sheet mask.  I also do a herbal facial steam and facial massage every month. 

Favourite Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 33
 Current Perfume: Balenciaga Florabotanica

What’s important to you when selecting skincare?
Ingredients. The shorter the list, the better.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Eggs, soft-boiled (Singaporean style) or scrambled with toast usually. Somedays, when I’m craving sugar, pancakes or french toast.

What do you do to stay healthy?
I move about a lot and do light toning exercises. As for diet, I don’t believe in abstaining from anything but rather a balanced one. If I were to have tempura or something greasy, I’ll drink more water and eat healthier during the week. Life is too short not to eat good food.

Your particular beauty tip to great skin?
Rosebud tea and loads of water.


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