Ancient Traditions Explained in a NutShell, Literally

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 17, 2008

Ancient remedies for your credit crunch blues with NutShell Guide.


Nutshell Guides are a series of boxed set coffee table guides to yoga, astrology, traditional medicine and I-Ching.  With more doom and gloom news crashing on our shores, NutShell Guides are a sassy fun empowering guide to coax readers onto an inner holistic path of self discovery and throw a fresh perspectives on aged-old traditional practices.

Created by Laimins, Susan Hui and Lorie Torpey, who were former banker, dentist and fashion editor, now traditional Chinese medicine, astrology enthusiast and yoga teacher. Talk about a change of careers! These ladies did a 180 degrees flip to pursue passion! These guides are the fruits of their study.

Retailing at HK$260, books are on sale at Shanghai Tang, Dymocks and Page One bookstores throughout Hong Kong.

Another great made in Hong Kong Christmas gift to send to your folks and old friends back home!


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