Add a Little Pink to Your Life to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness in Hong Kong This October

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 20, 2012

Exciting campaign will kick off October 1st at The Strand.

This October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month around the world – and The Strand in Hong Kong are really doing something special.

Not only will they re-decorate the exterior of their multi-story salon in Central but they are doing special hair extension applications in pink for the entire month to help raise awareness and to generate money for breast cancer research.

What’s it all about? We sat down with The Strand owner Beverley Cappleman and Extension Specialist Fei Ho to talk about it:

Butterboom: First lets talk about the actual hair extension process, what is it exactly:

Fei: Strandtastic Strands allows our clients to experience instant volume or a risk free colour that does not damage their hair that can be applied in about 10 minutes with 1cm strands costing HK$110 and 2cm ones costing HK$140 per strand.

If you want to volumize your hair and you have long hair we would suggest 20 x 2cm to create volume that would look great.The strands are the same length for long or medium and cost the same as we quoted to the 1cm and the 2cm. we cut them if they are too long. With 2cm can add in some noticeable volume instantly.

How long do they last?
About 4-6 weeks. We also have the keratin bond extension which is more permanent. It lasts 3-4 months and is a great way to lengthen and change your style.

What is risk free colour?
The tape-in extensions can give you the highlight effect without doing any chemical damage to your hair. Client with sensitive scalps, damaged hair or health condition that not allow you to have colour put on are perfect to use the tape-in extensions.

Can I wear my hair up?
Yes you can, so position is important when applying so that you have options to change your hair as much as you want too.

Can I remove them myself?
To avoid causing breakage to your hair, we advise our clients to come in to have them removed with the solution by our technician.

Can I make my hair longer with tape-in extensions?
Tape-in extensions are mainly for volumising and colouring. It can create length, but not suggested, because of the size of the extension, if one comes off, it will show the gap. For creating extra length, we advise our client to use the keratin bond extensions instead.

Will my hair be fuller?
Yes! You will definitely feel an instant volume in your hair.

Can I ask my friends to put these on for me and can I buy them myself?
To achieve the longer lasting and more natural looking result is better to have the technician to put in for you. If putting them in wrong, it can cause tangles and tape showing.

Are they reusable?
The hair is re-usable, you just need to remove the tape and replace it with the new tape.

So you have a very interesting promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – you will do 1 strand extension in pink color so women can help build awareness and some of the proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research. How much is the pink strand cost to do and when does the promotion start and for how long?

The promotion kicks off 1st of October for the month of October, the Pink Strand will be HK$150 for a 1cm and HK$180 for a 2cm, we will encourage anyone doing this to be sponsored to wear them which will increase the money they can put to the cause.

We are also selling pink lip gloss, nail polish and candy shop treats. We offer our clients that book a pink party a lot of fun, it will include Pink champagne, cupcakes, tape-in hair, pink manicures and Vajazzle…. Bikini art with Swarowski crystals! All this will be a package price and we will hold the parties in the evenings, Saturday’s and throughout the month. we are planning the same for the more conservative which might be an afternoon tea of subtle pink treatments also.

How do I book it?

We will be taking pre bookings to order the amount you want and make sure we have supply in advance.

If you want to be part of this promotion – please contact The Strand now:

The Strand


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