5 Minutes with Själ Founder, Kristin Petrovich

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 11, 2010

Själ Skincare launches gemstone charged mask in Hong Kong.

Created by mother and daughter team, Karen and Kristin Petrovich in 2001, Själ Skincare is a Swedish skincare line with a holistic approach towards developing their products. Last week, Kristin was in town to launch their new pearl enzyme gemstone exfoliating mask and kashmir saphir perfecting mask so we caught up with her to find out what makes Själ unique.

Butterboom: How does Själ differ from other beauty brands in the market?

Kristin Petrovich: Själ means “spirit, mind, heart & soul” and, unlike giant beauty companies that churn out a new product every month, Själ keeps things simple by focusing only on key products. Products normally takes 3-4 years to develop through tapping in on the latest in European and Japanese bio-technology and using only the purest eco-ingredients. We infuse or charge our products with bio-osmotic energy from precious minerals like gold and gemstones that are used to activate cells and improve skin complexion.

Butterboom: Tell us about your new masks.

Kristin Petrovich: We have come up with two gemstone masks; the pearl enzyme exfoliating mask and the kashmir saphir perfecting mask.

The pearl enzyme exfoliating mask contains crushed pearls that exfoliate and brighten the skin. The mask contains royal jelly and fennel which soften skin, and is charged with diamond, sapphire, ruby, amethyst and citrine for vibrational and calming energy.

The kashmir saphir perfecting mask‘s key ingredients are blue lotus, GABA amino acid and blue sapphire. This softens and calm the skin and increases its O2 uptake. The mask also contains copper peptide, gold and platinum as well as bio-chemical tissue salts which are great for improving the tone of the skin by hydrating and soothing it.

Butterboom: How do the gemstones work?

Kristin Petrovich: We incorporate the vibrational qualities of the stones into the product. Different stones and precious metals contain different energy so we use that in the product to activate their qualities. Blue sapphire is for clarity and is very calming and balances the meridian points. Gold, platinum and silver are anti-microbial and great for tissue regeneration.

How much?

  • Pearl enzyme exfoliating mask, HK$1450/60ml
  • Kashmir saphir perfecting mask, HK$1350/60ml

Where to buy?

  • Joyce Beauty at G/F New World Tower, 16 Queens Road. Central. Tel: 2869 5816
  • Lane Crawford, Time Square, Causeway Bay. Tel: 3698 0171

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