5 Minutes with Sada, NARS International Make-up Stylist

By Butterboom Writers  /  November 8, 2011

5 minutes with Sada.

Hong Kong celebrity stylist Celia Wong caught up with NARS’ International Make-up Stylist Sada this week to talk about upcoming trends for Spring 2012 and, of course, to get some insider tips from the man himself for all our lovely Butterboom readers!

Sada is based in Tokyo and travels around the world for NARS. He is responsible for creating the looks for NARs and works with fashion designers like Marc Jacobs, Derek Lam, DVF and others on runway make-up and styling for top magazines like Elle Japan and Figaro Japan to name a few. He was in Hong Kong recently for NARS new Modern Kabuki Collection.

Butterboom: So, Sada, what can we expect for 2012?  

Sada: Heavy eyebrows. Red bold lips and glossy lips, especially in natural pink colors, will be hot. Silver and metallic colors to recreate ’90s style look with heavy eyeshadow, highlights and thick eyebrows.

At NARS, we don’t set specific trends for people to follow. The most important thing is to have fun with your make-up and mix ‘n’ match different colors. It’s always good to experiment with different styles, and simply wearing the color you love is more important than following trends.

Butterboom:What is a must-have for our gals’ cosmetic bags?

Sada: I don’t like people wearing too much make-up, so simplicity is always best. You really only need a lipstick and eyeliner which can make all the difference.

Butterboom: What’s the most important process you use when creating a look for an artist or celebrity?

Sada: It’s all about communication. If you think too much, like if you always think about what the next trend is, the make-up will always look the same. I trust my instincts and I talk carefully to my clients to see what they like. Perhaps we grew up in different countries and backgrounds, but I believe we all share something in common and beauty is universal.

Butterboom: We were at Butterboom are huge NARS fans, especially your eyeshadow. What colour or style suits us HK ladies?

Sada: Accentuate big eyes with eyeliner in a longer line along the natural shape of your eyes. This alone can make the look more stylish and modern.

Butterboom:  Is there any HK artist or artists who you think best represents the NARS woman?

Sada: Well, this is a hard question as I know many of them love NARS. Personally, I love Faye Wong, she is my all-time favorite! She has such a strong character, and she’s mature and elegant.

Butterboom:  What’s your favourite product from this Modern Kabuki Collection?

Sada: That’s also hard to say as it’s all beautiful, but I like the Kudoki Kabuki Mini Lip coffret and Hanamichi Kabuki inspired eyeshadow palette.

Butterboom: Give us some tips on getting the Modern Kabuki look

Sada: The whole process of putting on lip color with a mini lip coffret is so elegant, from opening the lid to using the brush to applying the color to the lip.
For the eye palette, it’s inspired by the “flower path” in kabuki theatre and I love its flower pattern which is the first time NARS has created such a neat little touch. It’s simple and elegant, and can be used as an eyeshadow, blush and for highlighting as well. It really does have it all!



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