5 Minutes with Frederic Malle of Edition de Parfums

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 25, 2010

Frederic Malle talks about Editions de Parfums in Hong Kong.

Frederic Malle has worked with some of the most prestigious perfumers or ‘noses’ in the industry and is the man behind Edition de Parfums.

In June 2000, Frederic started Edition de Parfums,  an original proposition in the already crowded fragrance industry where every brand and celebrity seem to have their own scent. Edition de Perfums consider itself more of a ‘perfume publishing house’ where exclusive, creative fragrances composed by the world’s greatest ‘noses’ create their own signature fragrances and sells them under their own names. The result is a range of entirely original fragrances that reflects exactly what the perfumer wants to bring to market. We caught up with Frederic for a little Q&A session..

Butterboom: What are the qualities to expect from a good quality perfume?

Frederic Malle: A fragrance is like a person with a distinct personality. A good perfume is straight to the point- if it pleases everyone, it is boring, it looses its character. The best fragrances are made with short formulas that have a clear direction/ scent.

Butterboom: Can you describe a common characteristics of Editions de Parfums fragrances?

Frederic Malle: Most of the Editions de Parfum fragrances have a very singular scent. There  is an absence in the myriads of layers of smell that dilutes and confuses the nose. We also stand apart in the quality of ingredients we use. As we use only the best quality ingredients, our production cost can sometimes cost 10 times that of normal fragrances.

Butterboom: What are your best-selling fragrances and what do you think will be popular in Hong Kong?

Frederic Malle: Its differs in every country – In America, Dominique Ropion’s Vetiver Extraordinaire is popular; in Europe, its Iris Poudre by Pierre Bourdon; In Hong Kong, because of the humidity, freshness is important so I believe Olivia Giacobette’s En Passant,  Edouard Flechier’s Lys Mediterranee, Jean Claude Ellena’s  L’Eau d’Hiver and Bigarade Concentre will do exceptionally well.

Butterboom: Any advise on perfume shopping you would like to impart to our readers?

Frederic Malle: First they should ask themselves what the perfume is for?  Secondly, forget the brand, think instead of the scent. Follow your heard and nose to choose and, before going ahead with a purchase, always make sure to try it on your own body, preferably on your wrist and give it time to develop. Walk around with it and see how you like it in an hour or so, then make your decision.

Butterboom: Having lived and breath perfumes all your life, what does perfume mean to you?

Frederic Malle: To me, perfumes are like sex appeal in a bottle. They create an emotional and physical connection or attraction between the wearer and the people whom they come in contact with.

How much?

  • From HK$950 to HK$1450 for 50ml bottles
  • From HK$1250 to HK$2250 for 100ml bottles

Where to buy?

  • Joyce Beauty, G/F new World Tower, 16 Queens Road, Central. Tel: 2869 5816

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