Forever 21 Speeds Up Fashion in Hong Kong, Now Open in Causeway Bay

Forever 21 Opens in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
By Butterboom Writers  /  January 18, 2012

We reported about it back in July – and now, it’s finally here! The much loved U.S. clothing brand Forever 21 opens today in Hong Kong!

Adored by style conscious shoppers the world over, Forever 21 is the word on fast, fun and affordable fashion. With prime spots in the world’s top retail spaces from Tokyo’s Shibuya district, to New York’s Times Square, it now lands in Hong Kong in Causeway Bay’s Capitol Centre, and we are giving you a preview an hour before it opens to the public.

Forever 21 Opens in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

We were lucky enough to be invited to a media preview last night to take a look around the new shop as well as do some shopping.

At first entrance its white and luminous, and like any new shop, the scent of fresh paint looms in the air.

Forever 21 Opens in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

A key thing to remember is that today’s opening is a soft launch! There is still renovation being done on the building so all the exterior glass windows won’t be revealed until March – but all the women’s fashion is ready to be bought now with lots of stuff from the Spring collection.

Forever 21 Opens in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

If you don’t know Forever 21 – it defines fast fashion to a “T” – with over 490 stores around the world fashionistas can get the coolest and trendiest styles at the most affordable prices. So you can look stylish in the latest looks without breaking your wallet. It’s closest competitor to H&M than The Gap or Uniqlo– which is probably a reason why they chose Causeway Bay – no H&M nearby (yet).

Forever 21 Opens in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Starting today you’ll only see part of its full six floor’s with just 10,536.4 sq ft as a preview.

You can experience the store before the official launch in Spring 2012 when the 35,527.9 sq ft of the full store will be revealed. The first 210 shoppers through the door will receive a gift coupon of $100 dollars to snap up some hot pieces before the rest of the fashion pack!

Forever 21 Opens in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Here is a short video walkthrough of the new shopping mecca:

Founded by Korean Do Won Chang in LA in 1984, Forever 21 has witnessed phenomenal success over recent years attracting hoards of young shoppers with its fashionable clothing and low price points. Young, fun and full of flair, the most coveted trends are added everyday setting Forever 21 in the fastest lane for the most adored fashion looks straight from the international catwalks.

As you can see only the first 3 floors are open – the accessories level and the two menswear levels will be open in late-March, so gentlemen you can only dream of what is past this escalator

Forever 21 Opens in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

There is a game going on at Forever 21’s HK Facebook page which you can check out here, which will get you HK$1000 in gift cards if you win and you may get picked to walk the catwalk show for when the store has its official grand opening in March.

We posted another 50 images at our Facebook page and you can see even more on our Twitter page.


Forever 21 Hong Kong

  • Capitol Centre, 5-19 Jardine’s Bazaar, Causeway Bay
  • Open: 10am – 1am, 7 days a week
  • Facebook

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  • CK

    So does that mean just regular shoppers cannot go inside and shop yet because the opening is in March ? Or is it formally opened for all hong kong citizens and tourists to shop ?

  • admin

    No, it’s open now for everyone. It’s just missing 3 floors which will open in March. Go go go!

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  • Melody

    Finally – a Forever 21 in Hong Kong! I was wondering why they did not tap into the Hong Kong market earlier, considering Hong Kong is filled with young adults who are constantly changing their wardrobes. Every season, you would see a handful of adults in their twenties wearing items that are on trend and given Forever 21’s nature of fast, trendy fashion, I feel they should’ve expanded to Hong Kong way earlier. Perhaps they were waiting to see whether H&M would succeed before taking such a risk, since Hong Kong has never really had a store like H&M or Forever 21 – trendy, affordable, always changing and more importantly, huge in size with lots of variety. Perhaps it took them a while before opening in Hong Kong because of the local competition, given the many local boutiques that also stock up on clothes that are in season that many Hong Kong locals shop at. Forever 21 is opening at a time when there is a wave of big American chains expanding to Hong Kong – The GAP, Hollister and Abercrombie.
    I thought the choice of location was also a very wise choice. Causeway Bay is one of the best shopping districts in Hong Kong and Capitol Centre is right at the heart of it. Causeway Bay is where all the trendy, young adults shop. When I heard the first H&M was opening, I was very surprised that it was in Central, since that is more of a working district, not a shopping district. I guess H&M was trying to target the young, working adult as to the fun, spirited ‘fashionistas’, which makes sense considering H&M does sell clothing that are suitable for work and a slightly older crowd than Forever 21 (though it also sells to the younger crowd as well). Luckily for me though – now I don’t have to go all the way to Central just to go to H&M; I can just stay in Causeway Bay where I normally shop since H&M and Forever 21 are pretty much the same thing to me. I think there are probably a handful of customers like me who think that way and I wonder how that would affect H&M in Hong Kong.
    Nonetheless, I am very excited for the official launch of Forever 21 and I can’t wait to check it out when I get back to Hong Kong!

  • Mandy`

    Is it spring collection at Forever 21? Because I am heading back to Hong Kong in Feburary so want to know what to expect. Is there alot of dresses as well? Because I saw on the website there was alot party dresses or is the styles different? Thanks

  • Mmm

    H&M has stores in several locations, such as Tuen Mun, TST, Festival Walk, etc

  • Jay Reichman

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  • Rakhi Dugar

    I like the products of forever 21 . I seen in USA Times Square.give me ur address and from mtr which exit I take.

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