Forever 21 comes to Hong Kong

Forever 21 to open in Hong Kong Causeway Bay - Butterboom
By Butterboom Writers  /  July 15, 2011

In case you hadn’t heard, the Korean-owned American brand is finally gracing Hong Kong with its presence, and we have all the details.

For those unfamiliar with Forever 21, think H&M with an even higher stock turnover and you’re pretty much there. This is fashion so fast it barely stops for breath – the latest trends made accessible but at prices that’ll have your bank balance breathing a sigh of relief. Cute, colourful and cheap – what’s not to love?!

Forever 21 to open in Hong Kong Causeway Bay - Butterboom

Forever 21 will open its flagship Hong Kong store in the six-storey Capitol Centre in Causeway Bay (currently home to Giordano and Watsons). This prime piece of retail space will set them back HK$11 million a month, double Giordano’s current rent. According to SCMP (via Retail In Asia), this means they will have to sell four or five items of clothing at an average price of HK$300 every minute in order to turn over a reasonable profit – that’s at least 6667 items a day!

If all goes well, we imagine that Forever 21 will roll out further branches around the city, in the style of similar foreign fast-fashion labels (like H&M, Bershka and Cotton On) that have made it to our shores.


  • Sabrina


  • Sabrina

    when is the proposed opening date?

  • Michele

    I heard it was meant to open this summer (2011) but the deal didn’t go through because of the high rent. Maybe they’ve renegotiated?

  • xhale

    Well at least we got Holister

  • Boobebe

    yes. i heard that it was planned to open this summer 2011. so when will the opening dates right now?

  • Kyla

    Has anyone checked to see if it has opened yet?

  • Graidan

    The Giordano is still there (though it says it should be closing within a week) so no, this hasn’t opened yet. All the other shops in the center has vacated though (including Japan Home Store, Cafe de Coral, Watsons… all gone…)

  • SR

    Hollister opens on the 19th!

  • Sabrina

    just walked past the locate the other day and the Giordano’s was having a going out of business sale and the watsons is already gone. Hopefully, the forever 21 deal came through and they will start construction soon!

  • http://- sophie

    I thought forever21 was opening in August sometime? any idea of its exact opening date? i cant find it online anywhere?? thanks!

  • http://- sophie

    just saw your last comments.. hopefully this is all good news and forever21 will be there soon!

  • Kyla

    thanks for the information guys :)i really hope it would open this month!

  • http://- lala

    Where is the exactly address in hongkong?

  • http://- sophie

    any new news?

  • Michelle

    I wished they opened it now!! yeh any new news?

  • KEN

    the site is under decoration… i think will open not early than Oct… the exact address in HK is Causeway Bay MTR exit F.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the new info Ken :)

  • Awesome Girl

    Hi ppl , I went to Dubai shoped in Forever 21 loved it soo much .. but I live in China ..And go shopping in HK …. So im reallly happy forever 21 is opening in HK…so is Causeway Bay around the Harbour City Mall area ?? And when is it exactylly opening ???

  • Awesome Girl

    Since you guys noe so much abt Forever 21 … Where to get boots like ones on The Forever21 site …somewhere in HK???

  • golds

    hi everyone :)my family and i are going to hongkong ang we really love forever 21! are there any news when the store would be finally open? were going there in nov 3 so i really do hope it opens before we go there :)

  • gossipgirl43

    the store will be opening on 17th November – i have inside sources!!! And expect a groovy 3D opening ceremony! cant wait :)

  • Awesome Girl

    Wait and where is casueway bay in hk??

  • bug

    OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS?? 17 november??????

  • bug


  • bug


  • spider


  • spider


  • JuJu

    aren’t they suppose to make some noise near actual opening? or is this another new technique of marketing? lol



  • Sephy


  • ss

    unfortunately, it wont be opening on the 17th as mentioned before by someone.. my friend is organizing the marketing for this and it wont be open til January apparently…

  • Sephy

    Can you please ask your friend when it will open?

  • Tear

    Just incase anybody wanna know
    I went past forever 21 last friday…. and they just started constructing the front part :(

    ahaha there was a hole at the side so peaked in. (there was barely nothing done yet )

  • :)

    arggg, i want it to open!

  • Anonymous

    Can u plz tell me the location. Thanks

  • anonymous

    It is pretty much across from the Sogo department store in Causeway Bay. The whole building is scafolded.

  • no name

    do you know already when is the openning ?
    im coming to hong kong soon and i love forever 21

  • Anonymous

    Which Sogo department? Is that the one in tsim sha tsui, kowloon?

  • Whitey

    Ok – someone must have insider knowledge. HK is a small place people…search your resources, there must be someone with links to the PR/Marketing firm that are organising the opening! I want access to F21 BEFORE XMAS!!!!

  • Sidney

    its the one in Causeway Bay near the MTR exit ( use to be the 3 story Watson store)

  • Anonymous

    Will open in mid January!!!!

  • Georgie

    is it open??


    hii everybody…
    i live in hngkong.. in kowloon… jordan.. is forever21 relly opening.. on 17th.. november

  • Cherie


  • Mel

    REALLY?! Is there anywhere we can go to find the details for the opening? I WONT TO GOOOOO!!

  • hi


  • admin

    Update: we’re going to see a preview on Tuesday next week – will post live via our Twitter account @butterboom so follow there or wait till the next day to see all pix.

  • zoe

    opens january 18th

  • bruna

    Where is the exactly address in hongkong? tks

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