Sex and the City DVD

The DVD of the year hits Hong Kong one week from today.


The chick-flick of the decade driven women around the world into the same mania as men for Star Wars, now the final leg of the first Sex and the City movie comes full-circle with the release of not 1 but THREE versions of the Sex and the City DVD.

You can go for the straight-up “regular” version which is the same as what you saw in the cinema, a hi-def version so you can clearly see all the patterns on Carrie’s outfits or the 2-disc “extended cut” which has 12 ADDITIONAL MINUTES! And even more, disc 2 contains a digital copy of the movie for your laptop or iPhone plus extra content featuring “Conversation with Sarah Jessica Parker and Michael Patrick King”, “Fabulous Fashion of SATC”, Deleted Scenes and Fergie interview.

Too unbelievable for fans around the world! Look for this at HMV and other DVD retailers around Hong Kong on Tuesday, September 23rd.

Suggested retail prices are:

  • HK$269 for the regular 1-disc version
  • HK$275 for the 2-DVD version
  • HK$299 for the Blu-Ray


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